Eccellenze Nolane

Unique products grown in a unique land

The Cooperative Eccellenze Nolane was born on the slopes of Vesuvius and is registered as a custodian farmer. It cultivates only unique and extraordinary products, brought back to life thanks to the discovery of ancient and almost forgotten seeds.

Products of excellence

Eccellenze Nolane has chosen to focus on the different types of organic products native to Campania, rediscovering flavours that have been forgotten over time. The cooperative is committed to controlling all the production phases on a daily basis. Thanks to a farming tradition handed down from generation to generation, you can find many local varieties:

  • Broccoli in oil
  • Neapolitan papacelle
  • San Pasquale courgettes
  • Tonda di Scafati eggplant
  • Cluster Aubergine
  • Neapolitan Long Pumpkin
  • Old Neapolitan Tomatoes
  • Already Down Tomatoes
  • Datterino Caramella

Growing techniques

The cooperative believes strongly in the importance of seasonality, in fact the raw materials are first selected, washed and processed by hand, then they are packaged only in their seasonal period.

The techniques used are artisanal, but all safety standards are respected. The entire range of products, dedicated to vegetables and vegetables from ancient seeds, is tended and followed in the fields. The preserves in oil, in vinegar, in sweet and sour, the jams and the real sauces are all grown at km 0.

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