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'Nocino' Elixir of Sorrento Walnuts 1
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'Nocino' Elixir of Sorrento Walnuts

500 ml
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'Nocino' Elisir di Noci di Sorrento is produced in limited quantities using traditional methods and an ancient recipe.

Elegante bottiglia da 500 ml

alc. 42% vol.

COD: VBA.0308.0500
EAN: 8009189303966

Hydroalcoholic solution of Sorrento walnut husk infusion, sugar, water, natural flavouring

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

From the walnuts of Sorrento comes Nocino, the oldest digestive in the Sorrento tradition. Made at home, it was considered a true elixir of life, almost a medicine to be used for minor ailments.According to tradition, on the night of 24 June, the feast of St. John the Baptist, the fiancé would collect the walnuts and entrust them to the hands of skilled housewives, who at dawn of the same day would begin to macerate the walnut shells in order to prepare the liqueur. This is still the technique used today, which, due to its peculiarities, allows for a very limited production.

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From tradition to excellence at Sorrento Nocino

Today's Sorrento walnut elixir has a long tradition dating back to ancient times. It is considered a true treasure of the Sorrento coast. Its production requires the careful selection of walnuts, which must come exclusively from the Sorrento area to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the product. The walnuts are carefully processed and left to macerate in alcohol for several weeks, allowing the flavours and essential oils to fully develop. During this process, sugar and other spices are added to give the elixir a unique and irresistible taste. Thanks to the skill of local artisans and the use of ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation, Sorrento Walnut Elixir has become a symbol of excellence and the food and wine tradition of Campania. Today this liqueur is appreciated and admired all over the world for its richness of flavours and fragrances, an authentic tribute to the culture and art of Italian distillation.

The best combinations with Sorrento Walnut Elixir

Sorrento Walnut Elixir is a liqueur with a unique and irresistible flavour that lends itself to extraordinary combinations with a wide range of dishes and desserts. Thanks to its intense and aromatic flavour, this elixir can enhance the taste of many cheeses, such as mature Pecorino or sweet Gorgonzola. Its balanced sweetness and dried fruit notes are perfect with dark chocolate, creating a decadent and pleasantly mouth-watering combination. Try pouring a few drops of Sorrento Walnut Elixir over a bowl of vanilla ice cream or a slice of walnut cake for an explosion of flavours that will tantalise the palate. Not only desserts, but also some savoury dishes can benefit from the addition of this elixir. For example, a touch of Sorrento walnut elixir can give a special touch to a mushroom risotto or a glazed chicken breast. Experimenting with Sorrento Walnut Elixir in the kitchen is a way to discover new tasty combinations and surprise your guests with uniquely flavoured dishes.