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Liquorice liqueur

500 ml



The Pure Licorice Liqueur from Sorrento is a fine elixir that embodies the essence of tradition and the artisanal quality of the Sorrentine coast. Made with hand-picked licorice roots, this liqueur offers an intense and enveloping flavor characterized by sweet and aromatic notes. Its preparation follows ancient methods passed down through generations, ensuring a premium product that reflects the richness of the territory. Ideal to enjoy as a digestive, the Pure Licorice Liqueur from Sorrento provides a unique sensory experience, capable of captivating even the most refined palates.

Bottiglia da 500 ml

Alc. 26% vol.

COD: VBA.0307.0500
EAN: 8058640590179

Water, alcohol, sugar, licorice 30%, natural flavors

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

An interesting fact about licorice is that in the past it was used as a natural sweetener in drinks and sweets. During the Middle Ages, monks cultivated it in monastery gardens to add to their culinary preparations. The licorice root was also highly valued by sailors, who took it on long sea voyages for its preservative qualities and its intense and pleasant flavor.

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Origins of Licorice Liqueur

The licorice liqueur has ancient and fascinating origins that date back centuries. This delicious beverage has traversed epochs and cultures, becoming a true icon in the world of alcoholic drinks. The origins of licorice liqueur can be traced to various parts of the world, but it found its greatest popularity in Europe. Particularly during the Middle Ages, monks in Italian abbeys used to cultivate licorice and use it to create aromatic beverages. Over time, the recipe for licorice liqueur evolved, enriched with new ingredients and production techniques. Today, this drink is appreciated worldwide for its unique flavor and digestive properties. A journey through time to the origins of licorice liqueur allows us to appreciate even more its charm and millennia-old history.

Best Pairings for Licorice Liqueur

One of the best ways to enjoy the flavor of licorice liqueur is to pair it with other foods or beverages that enhance its unique characteristics. One of the classic combinations is with dark chocolate, as the bitter taste of the licorice perfectly complements the intense sweetness of the chocolate. Additionally, licorice liqueur can be used to flavor desserts like ice cream and cakes, giving them a touch of originality and sophistication. Another interesting pairing is with coffee, especially caffè corretto with licorice liqueur. The sweetness of the licorice balances the bitterness of the coffee, creating a harmonious and pleasant combination. Finally, for cocktail lovers, licorice liqueur can be used to prepare original and tasty drinks like the "Liquirizia Sour" or the "Black Licorice Martini." Experimenting with pairings for licorice liqueur is a fun way to discover new flavors and fully appreciate all the nuances of this millennia-old beverage.