Gambuzza has been growing sesame in Ispica, a small town in the province of Ragusa, since the 1960s, driven by a passion for the land and tradition, with the aim of creating an exclusive product that respects nature.

Preserving the secrets of an ancient and unique craft and tradition linked to the land, they produce the precious Organic Sesame of Ispica with the utmost dedication, using specific and strictly manual techniques that respect nature.

Sesame from Ispica is one of the light varieties and is characterised by its dark amber colour and unique flavour. It does not contain gluten, making it a useful source of protein for coeliacs, and it is also widely used by vegetarians and vegans.

Moreover, thanks to the absence of pesticides in the cultivation process, the drying of the product in the open air and the use of ancient and traditional techniques, organic Sesamo di Ispica is rich in nutrients, fibre and beneficial minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and selenium.

Over the years, the production of Sesamo di Ispica has declined due to the difficulty of harvesting and the strong competition from products imported from other countries. However, by sowing and re-sowing in small quantities, the Gambuzza family has managed to preserve the original seed over time, which was recognised as a Slow Food Presidium in 2016.

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