Innovation in tradition

Ciokarrua was founded in 2007 in Modica, a city declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, by entrepreneur and artisan Giovanni Cicero.
This was the birth of a project that continues the family tradition of over twenty years of carob processing, but with an innovative twist: Ciakarrua products tell of the territory and history of Modica and the Val di Noto, but also incorporate new processing techniques.
In addition to carob, they began to process chocolate, Modica's speciality, and to create delicious spreadable creams.

The growth of the company

Comparison with the national and international market, as well as participation in fairs and events, is a source of growth and inspiration. After the experience of EXPO 2015, Ciokarrua returns to Sicily with a renewed imagination that focuses on the contamination of time, ideas and places in order to set new goals.

In 2017, the company is rethinking its spaces and, in a new, more functional context, the laboratory becomes a true artisan workshop, where the machines are tailor-made for future desires and ambitions, and where the curious can enter to discover the gears of taste.

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