Azienda Agricola Vincenzo Egizio

Producer of the typical Neapolitan Papaccella and vegetable preserves from ancient crops.

The farm extends between the municipalities of Brusciano and Somma Vesuviana, two towns at the foot of Vesuvius.

The basic principles of the farm are sustainability and the seasonality of the products grown; no herbicides or fertilisers are used, and the crops alternate with leguminous species, enriching the soil with nitrogen and preventing it from drying out due to intensive cultivation.

Vincenzo, the son of several generations of farmers, is a courageous man who has decided not to leave his land and to preserve the knowledge handed down from generation to generation. This is the story of a fierce defence of the heritage of biodiversity; in fact, three endangered plant species are cultivated here: the Papaccella Napoletana, the ancient Naples tomato and the Dente di Morto bean.

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