Azienda Agricola Verticelli

Producer of sweet and sour peaches, vegetable preserves and fruit juices

The Verticelli farm is located in the Alto Casertano area, in the Vairano Patenora plain, on the border of the Roccamonfina Regional Park, a particularly fertile area of volcanic origin called "Campania Felix" by the ancient Romans.

Founded in 1978 by Salvatore Parente, the farm covers about 40 hectares of unspoilt land where fruit and vegetables are grown with the utmost respect for nature.

Salvatore's son Mario, an agronomist, has taken up his father's legacy and proudly grows only seasonal vegetables.

Production is carried out using integrated farming techniques, using methods, means of production and defences against the adversities of agricultural production that minimise the use of synthetic chemical substances, in order to respect ecological principles and protect consumer health.

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