VST.0102.0180 VST.0102.0180

Dried Tomato and Orsino Garlic Pesto

Il Moera

Net weight: 180 g



The combination of sun-dried tomato pesto and wild garlic skilfully blends the characteristic essence of the woods with the fragrance of the countryside. This delicious condiment is perfect for enriching pastas, risottos, fresh cheeses, bruschettas, pizzas and focaccias. It also gives an unmistakable flavour to fish, white meats and fresh salads.

COD: VST.0102.0180
EAN: 8052570771493
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
519 kcal - 2146 kJ
43 g
of which saturated
5,7 g
20 g
of which sugars
20 g
9,5 g
13 g
0,4 g

Dried salted tomatoes 47.6% (dried tomatoes, salt), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic dressing (bear garlic 7.1%, sunflower oil), Salt.

May contain traces of: Gluten, Nuts.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Its name derives from the fact that bears, just emerging from hibernation, would consume it in excess to purify themselves after a long period of rest. It has significant antibiotic, antifungal, detoxifying, antiseptic, antiasthmatic, hypotensive and diuretic properties and helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

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The secrets of sun-dried tomato and wild garlic pesto

Sun Dried Tomato & Wild Garlic Pesto is a delicious culinary speciality that combines the intense flavours of sun-dried tomatoes and wild garlic. But what are the secrets that make this pesto so unique? The artisanal production process is crucial to achieving a pesto of superior quality. First, the tomatoes are carefully selected and then slowly sun-dried to preserve their intense and concentrated flavour. Wild garlic, a wild plant, is hand-picked and used fresh to give the pesto a fragrant aroma and slightly spicy flavour. Once the main ingredients are obtained, they are blended with high quality extra virgin olive oil and toasted pine nuts to create a creamy texture and balanced flavour. With no preservatives or additives, Sun Dried Tomato and Wild Garlic Pesto remains authentic and genuine, ready to add a touch of tradition and unique flavour to your dishes.

Where to use sun-dried tomato and wild garlic pesto

Sun Dried Tomato and Wild Garlic Pesto is a versatile condiment that can be added to a wide range of dishes to give them a unique flavour. Thanks to its intense and concentrated flavour, this pesto is perfect with pasta, both hot and cold. You can mix it with spaghetti or penne for a simple but delicious dish, or use it as a dressing for cold pasta salads for a light and tasty lunch. If you want to experiment, use it as a base for a gourmet pizza or as a dressing for a gourmet sandwich. With sun-dried tomato and wild garlic pesto, the possibilities for creating delicious and original dishes are endless.