SPZ.0039.0100 SPZ.0039.0100

Sweet Salt of Cervia with Salicornia

Net weight: 100 g - 3.53 oz

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Sweet Cervia salt with added Salicornia salina and fresh herbs. Practical 100 g glass jar

COD: SPZ.0039.0100
EAN: 8032697412202

Integral sea salt (96.5%), herbs [parsley, fennel (1.8%)], saltwort (1%) garlic, chilli

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Salicornia, also known as sea asparagus, is a spontaneous edible herbaceous plant that is valuable to salt farmers for its high levels of beneficial substances and considerable energy supply.

It is eaten during the summer months, when high temperatures and excessive humidity cause the loss of fluids and minerals through sweating. Its fresh shoots are harvested by hand in limited quantities between April and June. Already favoured by the Vikings as an essential food during long sea crossings, it was an important source of hydration and minerals such as iodine, potassium and magnesium.

How to use Cervia sweet salt with fennel

Cervia sweet salt with glasswort is ideal for seasoning meat, fish, vegetables, sauces and soups, adding the fresh taste of parsley and fennel and the strong flavour of pepper and garlic.

It is also a natural alternative to bouillon cubes as a flavour enhancer.

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