VST.0653.0314 VST.0653.0314

Stinging nettle in oil

Net weight: 280 g
Drained weight: 180 g

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Stinging nettle in oil from SoloTreviso is a gastronomic speciality from the province of Treviso, Italy, that embodies the tradition and taste of the Veneto region. This product is made using the tender leaves of the stinging nettle, a local variety distinguished by its softness and rich flavour.

COD: VST.0653.0314
EAN: 8054392520211
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
572 kcal - 138 kJ
13,12 g
of which saturated
1,99 g
3,89 g
of which sugars
1,98 g
1,77 g
0,45 g

Wild nettle (60%), sunflower oil, wine vinegar, salt, sugar, natural flavors, pepper. Acidity regulators: citric acid and/or lactic acid. Wine and Vinegar contain Sulphites.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Nettles were used as an antidote, styptic, antidiabetic, and laxative. They were also used to make strong fabrics and natural dyes.

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The Origins of "Ortica Puntina"

The "Ortica Puntina" from SoloTreviso is a plant with ancient origins, deeply rooted in the region's history. This nettle variety is particularly renowned for its beneficial properties and unique characteristics. Tracing the roots of its name, we discover that "Puntina" derives from the pointed shape of its leaves, which gives it a distinctive appearance. Moreover, "Ortica Puntina" has historically been used for its medicinal properties, being rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Since ancient times, local populations have used this plant to treat a wide range of ailments, including inflammation, joint pain, and skin problems. Today, "Ortica Puntina" continues to be carefully cultivated in SoloTreviso, keeping the tradition and heritage of this extraordinary plant alive.

The Best Pairings with "Ortica Puntina"

"Ortica Puntina" is not only appreciated for its beneficial properties but is also highly versatile in the kitchen, offering a wide range of pairing possibilities. Thanks to its unique, slightly bitter and pungent flavor, it pairs perfectly with various ingredients. For example, you can use it to enrich fresh salads, giving them an extra touch of flavor. Additionally, "Ortica Puntina" can be used as a main ingredient to prepare delicious soups or minestrones, giving them an intense and aromatic taste. If you are looking for an original appetizer idea, try using "Ortica Puntina" to make a delicious homemade pesto, to be served with crispy croutons. Experiment with "Ortica Puntina" in the kitchen and let yourself be surprised by its countless pairing possibilities!