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Pitted Caiazzane Olives Seasoned with Fennel Seeds and Chilli Pepper

Net weight: 212 g - 7.49 oz
Drained weight: 177 g - 6.24 oz
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Caiazzana olive is a type found only in the Caiazzo area.

Seasoned with fennel seeds and chili pepper to enhance the flavor of the olive even more.

Without any preservatives.

COD: VST.0502.0212
EAN: 8052570771271
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Pitted Caiazzane olives (79%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (20%), fennel seeds, wine vinegar, chili pepper.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Did you know that...the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Forestry has officially certified Caiazzo olives as a Traditional Food Product (PAT). These olives are harvested by hand in October and November, when they reach ideal ripeness.

It may interest you

Caiazzane Olives: a gastronomic treasure of southern Italy

Caiazzane Olives are a typical delicacy of Southern Italy, prized for their intense flavor and crunchy texture. These fruits are grown mainly in Campania and have become a symbol of the region's culinary culture. Their goodness is enhanced by fennel seeds and chili pepper, which give the olives a spicy and aromatic flavor. But that's not all, Caiazzane Olives with Fennel Seeds and Chili Peppers are also rich in beneficial nutrients.

The health and wellness benefits of Caiazzane Olives

Caiazzane Olives with Fennel Seed and Chili Pepper are a real boon for health and well-being. In fact, this product contains numerous beneficial properties for our body:

  • caiazzane olives are rich in natural antioxidants, which help prevent cellular aging and protect our immune system
  • thanks to the addition of fennel seeds and chili pepper, these olives can also have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, helping to counteract the formation of intestinal gas and aid digestion

Perfect pairings for Caiazzane Olives: suggestions and ideas

Are you looking for ideas to accompany Caiazzane Olives with Fennel Seeds and Chili? Here are some suggestions for your culinary pairings. Caiazzane Olives go well with aged cheeses. In addition, you can use them to enrich your salads, creating a contrast between their crunchy texture and the softness of the other ingredients. Try adding them to a pasta dish with cherry tomatoes and basil for an extra touch of flavor. Finally, Caiazzane Olives pair perfectly with meat, especially chicken and turkey. Experiment with these ideas and discover new tasty combinations for Caiazzane Olives