DLC.0034.0250 DLC.0034.0250
Milk chocolate Easter eggs with chopped hazelnut Small size
  • Milk chocolate Easter eggs with chopped hazelnut Small size
  • Milk chocolate Easter eggs with chopped hazelnut Small size_2

Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs with Chopped Hazelnut • Medium Size

Net weight: 250 g - 8,8 oz

 No longer available




Milk Chocolate Egg covered with a careful blend of Mortarella Hazelnut Grains from Avellino and Tonda Gentile Romana Hazelnuts from Viterbo.

Packaged in an elegant frame-shaped box.


Frame size: 14.8 x 10.7 x h16 cm

COD: DLC.0034.0250
EAN: 8052570772155
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
567 kcal - 2365 kJ
36 g
of which saturated
23 g
53 g
of which sugars
50 g
6,5 g
0,14 g

sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa (min. 35%), whole milk powder, cocoa beans, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla extract, hazelnut kernels (20%) 

May contain traces of nuts, milk protein, and egg.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

The precious Mortarella hazelnut: A treasure of Campania

The Italian region of Campania is home to a rare agricultural treasure: the Mortarella hazelnut. This variety of hazelnut has unique characteristics that make it a sought-after ingredient in top-quality cuisine, particularly in the production of confectionery.

The Mortarella fruit is elongated and medium to small in size, giving the nut a unique subcylindrical appearance. Its thin shell, of an attractive light brown colour with darker stripes, encloses a kernel of exceptional flavour and delicate ivory-white colour.

Mortarella is appreciated not only for its rich flavour and strong aroma, but also for its culinary versatility. Its excellent processing properties make it ideal for the production of hazelnut paste, an essential ingredient in many confectionery products.

The cultivation of the Mortarella is relatively simple, which contributes to its widespread presence in the agricultural areas of Campania. Its ubiquitous presence in the region testifies to its importance not only for the local economy, but also for the preservation of biodiversity and regional culinary traditions.

In short, the Mortarella hazelnut is an excellent example of how devotion to the land and the quality of products can offer unique flavours, while at the same time promoting the culture and economy of a region. For lovers of good food and Italian agricultural excellence, Campania and its Mortarella are an essential reference point.