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Producer of passata of ancient tomatoes from Naples

Sabato Abagnale's family was involved in tomato processing on an industrial level, but he dreamt of being a farmer and thanks to Uncle Angelo, an energetic octogenarian, he began recovering the seeds of the ancient tomato of Naples that grew on the slopes of Vesuvius and began cultivating them.

On Sabato Abagnale's farm in the municipality of Sant'Antonio Abate (NA) on an area of 1 hectare, the original ecotype of the true San Marzano is cultivated, defended by the Slow Food Presidium of the 'Ancient Tomatoes of Naples', in rotation with the Castellamare di Stabia artichoke.

Traditional agriculture is practised with alternating cultivation of the land, natural fertilisation, harvesting of the fruit in season and processing by hand.

Production is limited; requests from Japanese, Danish and American customers who have learnt to appreciate its excellence form waiting lists of up to three years, but the philosophy is not to increase production but to focus on quality, both in compliance with a strict specification and by paying the utmost attention to preserving the biodiversity of a very fertile but extremely fragile territory.

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