Panificio e Biscottificio malafronte

Working with flour is a tradition in Gragnano.

The Malafronte family is an example of this; they have had their hands in the dough for over 100 years.
In 1906, Giuseppe Malafronte opened his bakery and since then, the 4th generation has been producing bread and pastries with the same passion.
Massimiliano, Adriano and Daniele run the family bakery, supported by the experience of their father Ciro, and with him they have diversified the business, expanding production by introducing the confectionery sector.

Craftsmanship and natural products

The philosophy of the Malafronte family has always been "craftsmanship and quality products". In fact, great attention is paid to the raw materials, the flours used are stone-ground and not very refined, the yeast is strictly natural and the rising process is slow and very long, about 24 hours.

Three "Gambero Rosso" Breads

The passion and dedication of the Malafronte family have been rewarded with this prestigious award, which recognises masters of the white art who have distinguished themselves for the quality of their work over the past 12 months.

The bakery is included in the 2022 edition of the Bread & Bakers of Italy guide with the highest score, the Three Loaves.
A confirmation for the master bakers of Gragnano who, thanks to their commitment, have repeated the success of the previous year, an incentive for the development of a sector that involves more and more young people.

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