VST.0101.0160 VST.0101.0160

Hazelnut and Truffle Pesto

Il Moera

Net weight: 160 g



The delightful combination of the precious truffle from the Irpinian woods and the characteristic fragrance of the Avellana hazelnut gives life to a pesto. An ideal condiment for fresh filled pasta to create a unique flavour. A delicious alternative for use in risottos and a perfect addition to pizzas, sandwiches, focaccias and starters.

COD: VST.0101.0160
EAN: 8052570771486
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
735 g - 3028 kJ
75 g
of which saturated
6,6 g
3,3 g
of which sugars
2,4 g
9,5 g
5,9 g
1 g

Hazelnut flour 61.2%, Vegetable oil (sunflower), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Black Truffle 1.7%, Salt, Various spices, Flavouring. May contain traces of: Gluten, Nuts.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Hazelnuts are not just a modern delicacy, they have been part of the human diet for thousands of years. Archaeological remains from European sites have shown that ancient hunter-gatherers regularly consumed hazelnuts. In particular, large quantities of charred hazelnut shells have been found at an archaeological site in Scotland dated to around 8,000 years ago. These findings suggest that hazelnuts were a staple food for prehistoric populations in the region, probably due to their high energy density and healthy fat content.

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The secrets of making hazelnut and truffle pesto

Making hazelnut and truffle pesto is a process that requires great precision and attention to detail. First and foremost, it is essential to select high quality hazelnuts and fresh truffles to ensure an intense and authentic flavour in the final product. Once harvested, the hazelnuts are roasted to enhance their aroma and then ground to achieve a creamy consistency. As for the truffles, they are thoroughly cleaned and finely chopped to distribute their distinctive flavour evenly throughout the pesto. During the production process, it is important to avoid the use of preservatives and additives in order to preserve the natural flavours of the ingredients. This artisanal method allows the production of a high quality hazelnut and truffle pesto that can be used to enrich many dishes, from pasta to meat.

Properties and benefits of hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are one of the main ingredients in Hazelnut and Truffle Pesto and have many health benefits. These small nuts are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids and fibre. Thanks to the antioxidants, hazelnuts help protect cells from oxidative stress and reduce inflammation in the body. Vitamin E, found in hazelnuts, is essential for healthy skin, hair and nails, while monounsaturated fatty acids help maintain a good lipid balance in the blood. Hazelnuts are also a source of fibre, which aids digestion and helps you feel fuller for longer. By incorporating hazelnuts into your diet, you can enjoy their many health benefits, making hazelnut and truffle pesto not only delicious, but also nutritious.