PFR.0019.0250 PFR.0019.0250

Almond Biscuits "Cantucci Stabiesi"

Net weight: 250 g



Almond Biscuits "Cantucci Stabiesi" are delicious sweets made with simple ingredients such as eggs, sugar, flour, almonds and pisto. What makes them really special is the double baking process: first they are formed into small loaves, then they are baked in the oven again to give them a crispy and inviting golden brown.

COD: PFR.0019.0250
EAN: 8052570771707
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
1642 kJ - 390 kcal
11 g
of which saturated
7 g
62 g
of which sugars
25 g
9,8 g
0,89 g

Soft wheat flour, almonds, sugar, cocoa, eggs, ammonium bicarbonate, milk, butter, anise, pisto (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, coriander, and star anise), vegetable margarine.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Neapolitan “pisto“ is an aromatic mix used in the preparation of many traditional desserts in Naples, especially at Christmas time. The main ingredients of Neapolitan pisto are cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and coriander. There are also adapted versions of the recipe that include additional spices to enrich and enhance the flavour.

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The production process of Stabiesi Almond Cantucci:
An art handed down

The production of Almond Cantucci Stabiesi, also known as Quaresimali, is an art that has been handed down from generation to generation in the town of Stabia. It begins with the selection of the freshest and best quality almonds. The other ingredients, such as flour, sugar and eggs, are carefully measured and mixed to form a homogeneous dough. The dough is then shaped into small oblong shapes and placed on a baking tray. The Almond Cantucci Stabiesi are then slowly baked in an oven at a controlled temperature to ensure even cooking and perfect crispiness. Once cooled, the biscuits are carefully packaged to preserve their freshness. This artisanal production process is what makes Almond Cantucci Stabiesi so special and appreciated all over the world.

The best combinations with almond biscuits

Almond biscuits are a versatile treat that can be paired with a wide range of drinks and desserts. Thanks to their crunchy texture and intense almond flavour, Cantucci Stabiesi are perfect with a cup of coffee or tea. The toasted aroma of the biscuits complements the strong flavour of coffee, while tea enhances the sweetness and light almond note. Almond biscuits can also be used as an ingredient in the preparation of delicious desserts. Crumbled and used as a base for a cheesecake or trifle, they add an irresistible crunch. Alternatively, they can be dipped in melted chocolate for an even more inviting treat. Whether enjoyed on their own or combined with other delicacies, almond biscuits are always an unforgettable taste experience.