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Sicilian delicacies
A Ricchigia is a precious reality, born in 2013 at the foot of Etna, thanks to the vision of Laura Lupo and the support of the experience of three generations of her husband, Alberto Caudullo. With determination and clear goals, Laura has made this company a point of reference, travelling the world to spread the history and roots of her family business, the peculiarities of pistachios and the variety of its products, from sweet to savoury, including traditional and organic lines.

A Ricchigia stands out on the Italian and international market for its natural agri-food products, the fruit of centuries of tradition in a still virgin territory. The secret of 'A Ricchigia's success lies in the artisan processing and use of excellent raw materials, such as Bronte Pistacchio P.D.O. and Sicilian almonds, many of which come directly from the family farm. The latter has over fifty years of experience in the Bronte pistachio and nuts sector.

Bronte pistachio curiosities

Originally from Persia, the Pistacia Vera is a non-hermaphroditic plant with a short trunk and a fig-like appearance. This species can reach an advanced age of up to 300 years, but it grows very slowly and does not begin to bear fruit until ten years after grafting.

The Bronte pistachio is distinguished by its unique characteristics compared to other tree varieties of agricultural value or to pistachios grown in other areas of Sicily (such as Caltanissetta or Agrigento) or abroad (such as the Middle East, Greece, California and Argentina).

The pistachio groves in Bronte, called "lochi" in the local dialect, cover about 3,000 hectares of volcanic land. The cultivable areas are rather limited, characterised by rocky and agronomically poor soils, often located on steep and irregular slopes that are difficult to access.

This terrain makes it difficult to use agricultural machinery, which adds to the high cost of production.

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