DLC.0060.0240 DLC.0060.0240

Hazelnut Spread with Croccantino

Net weight: 240 g
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An elegant jar containing a fine hazelnut cream with crunchy pieces. Let yourself be surprised by this refined combination.

COD: DLC.0060.0240
EAN: 8032680006487
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
559 kcal - 2326 kJ
37 g
of which saturated
4,2 g
46 g
of which sugars
34 g
7 g
5,2 g
0,11 g
Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

The hazelnut has ancient and noble origins. In ancient Rome, the hazelnut was a symbol of peace, health and prosperity. It was given at weddings and other celebrations to wish for happiness and abundance. The ancient Romans loved hazelnuts and used them in many sweet and savoury recipes. Pliny the Elder, a famous Roman writer and naturalist, praised their taste and benefits in his work Naturalis Historia.

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Characteristics of Hazelnut Spread with Crunchy Pieces

The hazelnut spread with crunchy pieces is a product that perfectly combines sweetness and crunchiness. This delightful combination makes this cream an irresistible option for lovers of delicious flavors. The velvety and creamy texture of the hazelnut spread blends harmoniously with the crunchy pieces, adding a touch of crunchiness and an extra note of flavor. Each spoonful of this cream offers a unique sensory experience, with the delicacy of hazelnuts blending with the crunchiness of the brittle pieces. Whether spread on a slice of toasted bread or used as an ingredient in cakes and desserts, this hazelnut spread with crunchy pieces will conquer the palate of all lovers of delicious sweets.

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