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Dried Lenzariello Bean

Net weight: 400 g - 14.11 oz

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Harvested and selected by hand using traditional methods, Giardino Segreto Dried Lenzariello Bean is an ancient bean from the Caiatine hills.

COD: SCC.0005.0400
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Dried Lenzariello Bean

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Did you know that... it is a variety that has been cultivated for over 70 years in Villa S. Croce, in the past in association with maize, in small plots of land, known as 'lenze 'e terra'.

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Unique characteristics of the bean

This type of bean is medium-sized, irregularly shaped, white in colour and has a thin, easily digestible skin. It has been included in the "Field for the conservation and multiplication of the vegetable biodiversity of the Alto Casertano", managed by the Department of Agriculture of the University of Naples Federico II, and has recently been the subject of two degree theses that have highlighted its exceptional virtues. It is recommended to eat it as simply as possible. It is also harvested and selected by hand.

Fagiolo Lenzariello Secco: its health benefits

Fagiolo Lenzariello Secco is not only a tasty ingredient, but also a food rich in health benefits. Let us take a look at some of them:

  • Thanks to its protein, fibre, vitamin and mineral content, this legume can help regulate metabolism, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and maintain a strong immune system
  • Fagiolo Lenzariello is an excellent source of natural energy, ideal for those who exercise or need an extra boost throughout the day
  • Fagiolo Lenzariello is a versatile and healthy food that can contribute significantly to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle

A balanced diet with Fagiolo Lenzariello Secco

Fagiolo Lenzariello Secco, a type of bean native to Campania, has long been considered a nutritious and healthy part of the Mediterranean diet. Thanks to its high concentration of protein, fibre and minerals, the consumption of dried Lenzariello Secco beans can help to maintain a balanced diet and prevent diseases. Moreover, the dried lenzariello bean has been used for centuries in the traditional cuisine of Campania, as an essential ingredient in dishes such as pasta and beans or bean soup. This legume is also the subject of local festivals, where local producers gather to celebrate the annual harvest of lenzariello beans. In short, Fagiolo Lenzariello Secco is not only a nutritious food, but also an important part of Campania's culinary culture and tradition.