CNF.0050.0265 CNF.0050.0265

Bourbon Vanilla Lemon Marmalade

Il Moera

Net weight: 265 g



Our jam is made without the addition of preservatives or thickeners, guaranteeing a natural and genuine product. Most of the fruit used comes from the orchards of our Moera estate, with particular attention to the biodiversity of our area.

COD: CNF.0050.0265
EAN: 8052570771509
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
219 kcal - 930 kJ
0 g
of which saturated
0 g
54 g
of which sugars
52 g
0 g
0 g
0 g

Fresh lemons, Sugar, Bourbon vanilla powder.

May contain traces of: Gluten, Nuts.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Vanilla comes from the pods of the vanilla orchid flower. But what is really interesting is that in its native Mexico, the vanilla orchid can only be pollinated by a specific species of melipona bee. However, when vanilla was brought to other parts of the world, such as Madagascar and Tahiti, these particular bees were not present. This created a significant problem for vanilla production outside of Mexico.

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Lemon and vanilla: a perfect match for sodium-free, salt-free jam

Lemon and Vanilla Jam is a perfect combination of two ingredients with great fragrance and flavour. Lemons, with their freshness and acidity, give this jam a lively and characteristic taste, while vanilla adds a sweet and enveloping touch. What makes this jam even more special is that it is free from sodium and added salt, making it the ideal choice for those who wish to reduce the consumption of these elements in their diet. The production process for this jam involves the use of organic lemons and high quality vanilla, which are carefully selected to achieve the best results. The lemons are then squeezed and the pulp is combined with the vanilla, creating an aromatic and delicate mixture. This mixture is then cooked over a low heat for just long enough to blend the flavours and achieve the right consistency. Finally, the jam is poured into sterilised glass jars and sealed to ensure its preservation. The end result is a lemon and vanilla jam with no added salt or sodium, with a unique and genuine taste, perfect for enhancing breakfasts and snacks for adults and children.

Benefits and properties of lemons

As well as being one of the main ingredients in making delicious Lemon and Vanilla Jam, lemons have a number of health benefits and properties. Rich in vitamin C, lemons are a powerful antioxidant, helping to boost the immune system and combat the effects of free radicals. They are also known for their cleansing and detoxifying properties, which support the proper functioning of the liver and digestive system. Lemons also contain citric acid, which prevents the formation of kidney stones and helps the body absorb iron. Thanks to their alkalising properties, lemons help maintain the body's pH balance and counteract acidity. In short, lemons are a true ally for our health and, combined with the sweetness of vanilla, create a jam that not only pleases the palate, but also has numerous benefits for our body.