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Liqueur with Sicilian Wheat and Herb Infusion "Granamaro"

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Granamaro is a highly effective cereal-based liqueur that aids digestion, made from an intense blend of cereals and a carefully selected selection of aromatic herbs. It has a lively flavour and is also perfect as an aperitif. We recommend that it be served chilled.

Alcohol content: 70%

COD: VBA.0309.0070
EAN: 8034013294127

Water, grain alcohol, sugar, herbal infusion, wheat infusion, flavours, caramelised sugar.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Its history is intertwined with that of the Grana, ancient coins produced in Palermo during the Bourbon period from the early 1800s. The label is reminiscent of the 10 Grana coin, because 10 is the number of hidden elements contained in this precious liqueur. A magical balance capable of creating a bitter that is already legendary.

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The history of Granamaro and
the Sicilian tradition of liqueur making

"Granamaro is a liqueur that embodies the history and tradition of Sicilian liqueur making. The roots of this drink go back centuries, when the monks of the island began to experiment with the distillation of local herbs and fruits. Over the years, the production of liqueurs in Sicily has become a true art form, handed down from generation to generation. "Granamaro" is characterised by the infusion of Sicilian wheat, which gives the liqueur a unique and unmistakable flavour. These wheats, which come from the fertile soils of the island, are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. The method of infusion used to produce Granamaro is a closely guarded secret, guaranteeing a traditional and artisanal production process. It is this history and tradition that have earned Granamaro a prestigious place in the Sicilian liqueur scene.

Culinary combinations with
Granamaro wheat infusion liqueur

In addition to its unique and unmistakable flavour, Granamaro Wheat and Herb Infusion Liqueur offers a wide range of culinary combinations. Thanks to the complexity of its aromas and its versatile character, this liqueur can be enjoyed in many different ways. For example, it can be served as a digestif after a meal to aid digestion and bring the evening to an elegant close. An interesting idea is to use Granamaro to make a liqueur sorbet, perfect for refreshing the palate on hot summer days. This liqueur can also be paired with mature cheeses or dark chocolate to create a surprising and pleasantly balanced flavour combination. Experimenting with "Granamaro" wheat and herb infusion liqueur will allow you to discover new combinations and stimulate your senses, broadening your culinary experience.