Soc. Coop.Arg. Castelluccio di Norcia

The Castelluccio di Norcia Lentil Cooperative was founded in 1960 and covers an area of about 20 square kilometres at an altitude of 1400 metres.
Passionate and traditional farmers come together with the aim of selecting, enhancing, selecting, marketing and promoting the Lenticchia di Castelluccio di Norcia.

The sowing method is traditional organic, the ancient production techniques have been revived, based exclusively on organic fertilisation, in full respect of the environment. In 1999, thanks to the respect for this production method and the typicality of the product, the European Community awarded Castelluccio lentils the IGP mark, which conveys the Protected Geographical Indication, a mark protected by the Cooperative.
The farmers of the Castelluccio plateau, guardians of a heritage of biodiversity and respectful of the PGI specification, are aware of the typicality of this ancient and precious legume and produce as much of it as nature allows, in limited quantities that make it a niche product.

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