Sardo Sole

Sardo Sole is the brand of the first supply chain network set up in Italy, bringing together farmers, mills, pasta factories and bakeries, united by a major project for environmental sustainability and the promotion of the Sardinian rural economy.

The choice at the basis of the project is the exclusive use of 100% wheat grown and processed in Sardinia, according to strict specifications sanctioned by the Ethical Grain Exchange of Sardinia and the Mediterranean.

The best varieties of indigenous ancient cereals are used:
  • Trigu giganti or Khorosan
  • White trigu
  • Trigo Arrubiu
  • Trigu moro
  • Trigu cossu
  • Trigu murru
  • Senator Cappelli
The grinding takes place in the stone mill of Villamar, where the slow grinding with few revolutions does not heat the product, preserving the fragrances, flavours, vitamins and trace elements.

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