Masseria GioSole

Producers of fruit juices and 0 km food products

Masseria Giò Sole is the green heart of the fertile bend of the Volturno river, downstream from the city of Capua.

The Masseria, owned by the Pasca family for over 300 years, is an example of a multifunctional farm, a centre for experimentation with new crops and research into new processed products. It is an eco-sustainable farm for its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions through the use of solar energy systems and limiting water consumption through satellite monitoring.

A land rich in rural traditions, kept alive by the daily work of the farmers who cultivate it using only organic fertilisers, in full respect of the environment, using crop rotation to improve soil fertility.

Cultivation traditions mix and intertwine with the development of techniques offered by the innovations of the most advanced agri-food research.

Orchards, citrus groves, vineyards and vegetable gardens are cultivated as only farmers know how, according to the rhythms of nature, to enhance the flavours, fragrances and genuine tastes of the crops, giving GIO' SOLE products the sincere and authentic goodness of traditional recipes.

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