Crocus Cooperativa Agricola

Association of producers of saffron, beer, saffron-flavoured bakery products, spices

The Crocus Cooperative was founded in 2019 by a group of producers, already members and founders of the Terra di Lavoro Saffron Producers Association, to promote the marketing of saffron grown and processed in the area between the Matese mountains, the Roccamonfina volcano and the central Volturno plain, an area known as the Alto Casertano, home to many excellent food and wine products.

The producers, some of whom are pioneers in the rediscovery of this crop in the region, work according to the specifications of Zafferano di Terra di Lavoro, which has been fully implemented as a guide for the inclusion of the spice in the list of PAT (Traditional Agricultural Products) of Campania.

Not just saffron: in addition to saffron in stigmas and saffron-flavoured preparations, the cooperative also offers other spices, aromatic herbs and other products with a strong link to the territory. To maintain and strengthen this link, they network with other local businesses for processing, packaging and distribution.

Our members grow their products in the municipalities of Capriati a Volturno, Raviscanina, Rocca d'Evandro, Teano and Vairano Patenora.

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