Azienda agricola LIMES

Pasquale Piccirillo's dream has come true: he has retired to work the land, and together with his son Giulio he is the owner of the Limes farm.
All his life he has been advising farmers as an agronomist technician for the Campania region, but now he can finally devote himself to his old passion, fig growing and processing.

The farm, which extends over 2 hectares in the lower Caserta area, is rich in Dottato fig trees, with more than 400 plants to date.

The technical knowledge and know-how handed down from generation to generation is contained in a book entitled "The Fig Tree". Cultivation and Management of the Plant', in which Pasquale reveals the secrets and gives technical explanations on how to improve its cultivation.

Forgotten for so long due to changing lifestyles and the abandonment of the countryside, fig growing is now experiencing a revival, with renewed interest in investing in the recovery of traditional agricultural products and the biodiversity of the land.

Pasquale is an example of resilience, a demonstration that the recovery and preservation of rural experience should not be a fashionable trend, but a necessity to be handed down and supported, a powerful tool that must combine traditional methods of Mediterranean culture with modern cultivation criteria.

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