Azienda Agricola Bruno Sodano

Producer of  vegetable preserves from ancient crops.

The farm of Bruno Sodano is a small farm of about 6 hectares that has been handed down from generation to generation; Bruno is the third generation of a family of agricultural origin that has adopted and always follows a model of sustainable agriculture.

It is part of the network of Guardian Farmers in the Campania region.

Bruno has recovered precious vegetable varieties, often little known, and is the producer of Slow Food Presidia such as the Neapolitan Papaccella pepper, the Centogiorni peas, the ancient tomato of Naples, the cannellino dente di morto of Acerra, the ancient turnip of Catozza and the broccoli of San Pasquale, demonstrating the tenacity of the farmer who becomes a guardian of the biodiversity of his territory, constantly searching for ancient crops in danger of extinction to ensure their survival.

Agricultural practices that rediscover the value of manual skills in cultivating the land and harvesting its fruits, becoming a philosophy of life in search of a balance with the environment and respect for the integrity of the product, in order to obtain the highest quality food.

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