Astorino Artisan Pasta was founded in 2002 in the heart of Calabria, an area blessed with a favourable climate and extremely fertile soil. Located in an area rich in tradition and innovation, the company is dedicated to the production of high quality fresh and dry pasta. Come and discover how passion, tradition and modern technology combine to create unique, exceptional products.

The quality philosophy of Astorino Pasta

From the very beginning, Astorino's business philosophy has been clear: the pursuit of superior quality without compromise. This is achieved through the careful selection of the best raw materials available and the use of cutting-edge technology. Durum wheat semolina, the hallmark of Italian pasta, forms the basis of all the company's creations, guaranteeing products with excellent visual and organoleptic characteristics.

Tradition and innovation: The pillars of success

Astorino Pasta Factory has skilfully combined the richness of Italian regional traditions with technological innovations that respect and enhance the final product. Each pasta shape, inspired by the different regions of Italy, is produced using artisanal methods that preserve the authenticity and genuine taste that only Italian pasta can offer.

The production process: A balance between craftsmanship and technology

The production process of Astorino pasta is a perfect balance between artisan methods and the use of modern technology. This approach ensures a high standard of quality, respecting ancient Italian recipes, but always with an eye to efficiency and sustainability. The result is a pasta that not only satisfies the palate, but is also visually attractive and consistently perfect.

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