PFR.0031.0250 PFR.0031.0250
Hand-Stretched Corn Grissini

Hand-Stretched Corn Grissini


Net weight: 250 g



In the realm of artisanal gastronomy, Artisanal Corn Grissini are an excellent example of how tradition and careful selection of ingredients can give rise to products of the highest quality, capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates. The slow and manual processing, the meticulous selection of raw materials and the low temperature baking are the pillars on which the production of these grissini is based, making them not only the ideal accompaniment for aperitifs and meals, but also an authentic symbol of craftsmanship and dedication.

COD: PFR.0031.0250
EAN: 8020804105871
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
2174 kJ - 520 kcal
25,92 g
of which saturated
5,11 g
60,18 g
of which sugars
1,15 g
11,43 g
0,36 g
0,76 g

Soft wheat flour type 1, rye flour, wheat flakes, flax seeds, roasted malted barley flour, water, soft wheat flour type 00, extra virgin olive oil, natural yeast (soft wheat flour type 00, water), salt, barley malt, wheat malt flour, soft wheat flour type 0, acerola, natural flavor, sunflower lecithin.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

A journey through time:
The origin of maize

The origins of maize, or Zea mays, can be traced back to 7,000 BC in what is now Mexico and Central America. The ancient Mesoamerican peoples not only cultivated maize, but considered it a central element of their lives, so much so that in their cosmogonic narratives it played a mythological role in the creation of man. This grain was not just another crop, but a gift from the gods, a source of life and prosperity.

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The distinctive feature of Artisan Corn Grissini

The distinctive feature of Artisanal Corn Grissini is their crispness, an aspect that makes them instantly recognisable at first bite. The crunchiness, combined with a rich and tasty flavour, is the result of a production process that categorically excludes the use of preservatives, guaranteeing a genuine and healthy product. The attention paid to the quality of the raw materials is evident in the choice of maize, an ingredient that gives the Grissini their unique and unmistakable taste, appreciated both by consumers looking for tasty alternatives to traditional snacks and by lovers of artisanal products who do not want to give up the authentic taste of food produced according to traditional methods.

Baking at low temperature is another fundamental aspect that contributes to the quality of Artisan Corn Grissini. This baking method preserves the aroma and organoleptic properties of the corn, resulting in a finished product that retains the natural flavours and aromas of the ingredients.

The perfect accompaniment to your artisan corn grissini: Tasty and original ideas

Artisanal Corn Grissini are not only a crunchy and tasty snack, but also a real ace in the kitchen, capable of enhancing the flavours of the dishes with which they are paired. Thanks to their crispness and distinctive taste, they offer a unique culinary experience, especially when paired with cold cuts, cheeses and even seafood dishes.

Pairing with cold cuts

The crunchy texture of Artisanal Corn Grissini is a perfect match for the softness and intense flavour of cold cuts. Try wrapping a thin slice of prosciutto around the Grissini for a contrast of flavours and textures that will delight the palate. For a more savoury option, try spicy salami or bresaola with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a few grated Parmesan.

Combinations with cheese

The aroma of corn combines perfectly with the creaminess and flavour of cheese. From fresh and soft cheeses such as robiola or goat's cheese, perfect for spreading directly on the grissini, to mature and blue cheeses, which offer a more decisive contrast. A winning combination could be a sweet Gorgonzola, whose intense but balanced flavour blends with the subtle sweetness of the corn.

Accompaniment for seafood dishes

Artisan Corn Grissini are also an excellent alternative to traditional bread to accompany seafood dishes. Their crispness adds a surprising dimension of texture to soups and fish creams, such as a delicate prawn velouté or mussel and clam soup. Alternatively, they can be crumbled to create a crunchy topping for fish gratins or casseroles.

Ideas for an innovative snack

Beyond the classic pairings, Artisanal Corn Grissini offer endless possibilities for creative and satisfying snacks. Imagine combining the crunch of grissini with the freshness of a guacamole or pepper cream. For a sweet option, why not dip them in a chocolate fondue? The sweet and melting texture of the chocolate contrasts deliciously with the crunchy texture of the grissini, creating an unexpectedly delicious experience. These creative pairing options open up a new dimension of flavour diversity and show how versatile Artisanal Corn Grissini can be, whether as part of an elaborate meal or as a simple but sophisticated snack.