SPZ.0128.0040 SPZ.0128.0040

Dried Sage

Note di

Net weight: 30 g - 1.06 oz



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Ideal to enrich: meats, braises, pasta and velvety soups

Aromatic note: very aromatic, with a pleasant bitter note

From field to table: 100% controlled supply chain.

COD: SPZ.0128.0040
EAN: 0606707906113

Organic Dried Sage.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Did you know that... the ancient Romans and Greeks also used this fantastic spice to treat digestive problems and improve memory. On the other hand, for some peoples, such as the Mazatechi in Mexico, sage is considered a sacred plant and is used in spiritual ceremonies.

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Characteristics of dried sage

Sage is known for its intense aroma and strong flavour. Dried sage is also a key ingredient in the preparation of many Mediterranean dishes, enhancing its unique flavour. Sage is an evergreen plant that grows in bushes. It likes warm weather and prefers sunny areas and has velvety leaves. Sage is hand-picked to preserve its authenticity and quality, and is dried by Note di in a careful, natural way that preserves all the flavours of this spice.

How can dried sage be used in cooking?

Dried sage can be used and appreciated to the full. Sage can be used in many recipes, it can be used to prepare ready-to-use alternative sauces, to season your fish dishes such as butter and sage sauce or nuts and sage, to season pasta or rice, but also to flavour omelettes, cakes and herbal teas.

At Tomolo you will find this natural, high quality ingredient that will allow you to prepare tasty, flavoursome dishes and do your body good.

Properties and benefits of dried sage

It is important to remember that sage, as a naturally dried product, retains all its beneficial and organoleptic properties. In fact, sage is known for its digestive, stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties. In particular, sage is a valuable ally in the treatment of digestive disorders such as flatulence and meteorism.

Dried sage is also used for its antioxidant and invigorating properties; it can also be useful in combating stress and anxiety and generally improving the wellbeing of the body and mind.