VST.0234.0070 VST.0234.0070

Crunchy hot chilli pepper leaves • Large jar

Net weight: 70 g - 2.47 oz



Crunchy Serpentine DECO hot pepper flakes fried in high oleic oil. They can be sprinkled on dishes such as salads, soups or pasta to add a touch of heat to the sauce. They can also be used to garnish dishes such as pizza, bread or cheese. Best not to overdo it!

Vegan product.

COD: VST.0234.0070
EAN: 8055774550260

Serpentino pepper from Teggiano, High oleic seed oil, Salt

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Through archaeological discoveries, we learn that chilli was cultivated in Mexico as early as 5,500 BC and was the only spice used by the indigenous Chileans and Mexicans. In the Old Continent, the spicy plant made its entrance thanks to Christopher Columbus, who introduced it during his second voyage to the Americas in 1493.

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The health benefits of crunchy hot chilli flakes

As well as being a great way to add flavour to your favourite dishes, Hot Chilli Puffs can offer a number of health benefits. The hot chilli peppers used to make the puffs are rich in capsaicin, a substance that can help reduce pain and inflammation. Eating hot chilli peppers can also help improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure. So crunchy hot chilli flakes can not only add delicious flavour to your meals, but also provide you with numerous health benefits.

Spicy and tasty snacks: discover hot chilli crisps

If you are looking for a tasty, spicy snack, Hot Chili Crispy Sheets are the perfect choice. Made with high quality ingredients, these puffs are the ideal way to satisfy your craving for heat. They are perfect on their own or can be combined with sauces, cheese or vegetables for a tasty and crunchy experience. They are also a great alternative to traditional salty snacks and can be eaten at any time of the day. Try them now and discover their unique and irresistible taste.

How to enjoy Hot Pepper Crispies: Tips and combinations

Hot Pepper Crispies are a great choice for lovers of spicy flavours. But how do you enjoy them best? A good idea is to accompany the puffs with a glass of cold beer, which will help soften the strong flavour of the chilli. Alternatively, they can be served as a starter with mature cheeses or spicy cold cuts. In any case, it is important to enjoy them in moderation to avoid burning your tongue! If you want to experiment, try adding the crunchy chilli flakes to a garlic, oil and chilli pasta for an even tastier and spicier dish.