DLC.0040.0250 DLC.0040.0250
"Bigusto" Dark and Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Hazelnut Grains • Medium size
  • "Bigusto" Dark and Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Hazelnut Grains • Medium size
  • "Bigusto" Dark and Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Hazelnut Grains • Medium size

"Bigusto" Dark and Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Hazelnut Grains • Medium size

Net weight: 250 g - 8,8 oz




Double Taste Easter Egg, with Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate, to give the two chocolate flavours together, a careful blend of Avellino 'Mortarella' Hazelnut and Viterbo 'Tonda Gentile Romana' Hazelnut grains. Packaged in an elegant frame-shaped box. 

250 g

Package size: 14.8 x 10.7 x h16 cm

COD: DLC.0040.0250
EAN: 8032680004568
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
567 kcal- 2365 kJ
36 g
of which saturated
23 g
53 g
of which sugars
50 g
6,5 g
0,14 g

Milk chocolate Min. cocoa 35% (cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, sugar, emulsifier (SOY lecithin), natural vanilla extract.

Dark chocolate (cocoa paste, sugar, pure cocoa butter, persimmon (Min 02%), emulsifier. (SOY lecithin), natural vanilla extract); HAZELS 20%.

May contain traces of NUTS, MILK and egg proteins, ARACHID.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

The Innovation of the Chocolate World: The Dual-Flavour Milk and Dark Chocolate Egg

In the vast universe of confectionery, a new protagonist has entered the stage, promising to delight the most demanding palates and unite chocolate lovers of all ages: the dual-flavour egg, half milk and half dark chocolate. This innovation is not only a triumph of taste, but also a fascinating story, a symbol of sharing and harmony.

The birth of the double-flavoured egg: The idea of creating a chocolate egg that perfectly and deliciously combines the two most popular flavours - milk chocolate and dark chocolate - came from the desire to offer a unique taste experience that would please both adults and children. The genius of this product lies in its ability to combine two worlds, two traditions, two flavours in a single, irresistible masterpiece of chocolate making.

A story of sharing: More than just a chocolate egg, the Dual Flavour is a message: the good things in life are meant to be shared. By combining milk and dark chocolate, the Dual Flavour egg invites us to transcend differences and celebrate the diversity and harmony of tastes. It's a call to rediscover the joy of sharing at a time when moments together are more precious than ever.

Why choose it: Choosing a double chocolate egg means embracing the diversity and richness of flavours, enjoying both the creaminess of milk and the intensity of dark chocolate. It is the ideal choice for those seeking a rich and complex sensory experience, but also for those wishing to surprise friends and family with an original and meaningful gift.

A triumph of taste: The innovation of the double-flavoured egg lies not only in its composition, but also in the quality of its ingredients. The selection of the finest cocoas and the care taken in their preparation make each taste an unforgettable moment where sweetness and intensity are perfectly balanced.

The two-flavoured chocolate egg, half milk and half dark, is not just a novelty in the panorama of Easter delicacies, it's an invitation to celebrate life's small pleasures and share them with those we love. A product that, through its history and flavour, teaches that differences can coexist in harmony, enriching each other and offering moments of pure happiness.

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