CNF.0162.0200 CNF.0162.0200

Red Radicchio Compote

Net weight: 200 g - 7.05 oz
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By exploiting the extraordinary properties of late red radicchio, it is possible to obtain a delicious jam with sweet notes, perfect to accompany the finest cheeses, or to be used as an appetising filling for homemade tarts or other irresistible desserts.

COD: CNF.0162.0200
EAN: 8054392520372
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
237 kcal - 1005 kJ
0,02 g
of which saturated
0 g
57,90 g
of which sugars
55 g
0,82 g
3,50 g

Red Radicchio (75%), sugar, gelling agent: pectin, lemon juice, citric acid, cinnamon.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

The story of red radicchio is pretty mysterious. It's said that this type of salad came from the blood of a dragon that Hercules killed in Greek mythology.

The Romans ate radicchio raw in salads or stewed, because they liked the bitterness of it. It went well with other flavours. It was common to mix it with other vegetables to create balanced and tasty dishes.

In addition to its culinary use, radicchio had an important role in Roman medicine. It was used to treat various ailments, including digestive problems and sleep disorders. The ancient Romans believed it had purifying and toning properties, useful for maintaining good physical and mental balance.

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A quick look at the history of red radicchio jam: From Tradition to Modern Kitchens

Red Radicchio Jam has a long history, going back to the culinary traditions of Italian regions, where red radicchio is a much-loved ingredient. This tasty jam has a long history and is a great example of sweet and savoury flavours coming together perfectly. In the past, red radicchio jam was a way of preserving radicchio during the winter months, when fresh vegetables were harder to find. These days, this specialty is a real standout in modern kitchens thanks to its unique flavour and versatility in many recipes. Red Radicchio Jam is a great choice for adding a sweet and sour flavour to your dishes. It's also great for spreading on cheeses, meats and even desserts. Give this jam a try and see how culinary history and contemporary creativity come together in one delicious dish.

What are the benefits of red radicchio?

Red radicchio is a very versatile veg, not only for its unique flavour but also for its numerous health benefits.

  • This veg is packed with antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals. Thanks to the anthocyanins, red radicchio helps protect our cells from free radical damage, which reduces the risk of chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. Plus, red radicchio is a great source of vitamin K, which helps keep our bones healthy and promotes blood clotting.
  • It also contains vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the immune system and promote iron absorption. Finally, red radicchio is full of fibre, which helps digestion and makes you feel fuller for longer.

If you want to add some red radicchio to your diet, for instance by making red radicchio jam, you can do so in a healthy and tasty way.

Radicchio and red radicchio: what's the difference?

Radicchio and red radicchio are two similar veggies, but with a few key differences. Radicchio is known for its crunchy leaves and slightly bitter taste. It's often used in salads to add a fresh, lively note. Red radicchio is a different variety of radicchio that stands out for its intense colouring and sweeter taste compared to traditional radicchio. This veg is a big part of Italian cooking, used in lots of hot dishes like risottos, pasta and soups. Red radicchio jam is a traditional dish from northern Italy that combines the sweetness of red radicchio with the acidity of lemon.