Masseria del Sesto

Producer of the giant Vairano lupin, Teano chickpea, ancient grains.

Masseria Del Sesto is the heart of Francesco Del Sesto's farm, which has a 200-year tradition of dairy farming.

The new generation, driven by the vision of a more sustainable agriculture, while remaining faithful to the agricultural tradition of the area, enthusiastically embraced the conversion of the fertile, flat land in the municipality of Pietravairano and began to cultivate cereals, vegetables and legumes using the crop rotation method.

Lupine plays a fundamental role in crop rotation, improving the fertility of the soil by influencing its physico-chemical and biological structure and enriching it with nitrogen.

For Masseria del Sesto, the production of giant lupins was a mission. Recovering a crop that had almost disappeared was a challenge met with courage and dedication, so much so that it was recognised as a Slow Food Presidium.

To talk to Anna about the Vairano giant lupin is to share her enthusiasm. Nothing escapes her, from sowing techniques to harvesting, processing, packaging and the knowledge that the final customs clearance of this product has allowed it to become a snack that accompanies aperitifs and happy hours in the big cities, thanks also to scientific research that promotes it as a valid ally of our health.

Other recovery projects include the Teano chickpea (one of the new Slow Food Presidia) and the production of ancient grains, saffron and chestnuts.

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