La Sbecciatrice

Production of vegetable preserves, pulses, Caiazzana olives (Slow Food presidium), creams and vegetable pâtés.

The "sbecciatrice" is the machine used to remove the foreign seeds from the grain; one of these machines can be seen on Mimmo Barbiero's farm, testifying to the strong sense of belonging that binds him to his land.

The land of Villa Santa Croce, a very small and ancient hamlet near the Matese Regional Park, is the cradle that has driven Mimmo to realise this project, the result of long studies and interactions with the local "old farmers", in order to learn, understand and re-adapt the traditional techniques of the past, respecting the times and rhythms of the land.

Peasant resistance is the philosophy of "La Sbecciatrice", a term that sums up the meaning of the company, resisting on the land without emigrating, in the traditions, flavours and knowledge handed down by their grandparents.

The soils of the area are sloping and clayey. It retains water and humidity, allowing dry cultivation with little or no irrigation.
Plants are perfectly adapted to grow in these areas. Dry farming ensures that the plants enhance the flavour of their fruit, concentrating its organoleptic and nutritional properties to the maximum.

The cultivation is healthy and natural. Manure is used for fertilisation and no pesticides are used for protection.

Even the choice of seeds is based on the recovery of local varieties: the "riccio" tomato, the "lenzariello" bean, the "curnciello" bean, the chickpea of the Caiatine hills.

By preserving the biodiversity of the Alto Casertano, La Sbecciatrice protects the plant species that have always been cultivated by the local farmers and that today, with the advent of selected hybrids, are in danger of becoming extinct.

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