I Colli del Tifata

Producer of organic extra virgin olive oil

The scents and the uncontaminated soil of the limestone massif of Monte Tifata are the conditions in which the Colella family, for two generations, has produced oil from no less than 4,000 trees cultivated according to the criteria of organic farming.

You don't play around with oil, as Vincenzo, who was a doctor before becoming a producer, knows all too well.

Olives harvested at the beginning of the ripening stage have a high concentration of polyphenols and antioxidants, the oil has greater organoleptic and nutraceutical qualities and keeps longer, so despite the yield, he prefers to mill his olives at an early stage of ripening; he has always set the quality aspect against economic convenience.

This production method also benefits the sensory analysis: herbaceous and floral scents, fresh grass, green leaves and the organoleptic characteristics of spiciness, bitterness, pungency and astringency are enhanced.

The scrupulousness and passion for a quality product were perfected with the decision to equip the company with its own two-stage continuous-cycle mill, so that the olives are ground on the same day, eliminating the spectre of defects that can result from pre-milling storage.

In 2020 Vincenzo decided to produce monovarietal Evo oil, choosing Leccino, delicate Ascolana and Itrana for Tomolo.

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