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Lentils of Onano

Net weight: 300 g


Lentils of Onano PGI is a typical Italian agricultural product grown in the area of the municipality of Onano, in the Latium region. This lentil is particularly appreciated for its unique characteristics, such as its small size, its colour, which varies from green to brown, and its particularly delicate and tasty flavour. The PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) guarantees that every stage of production takes place in a specific geographical area, guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of the product.

COD: SCC.0010.0300
EAN: 8032867690058

Linsen aus Onano

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

An interesting curiosity about lentils is that they are one of the oldest crops cultivated by man, with evidence dating back more than 8,000 years. Lentils have been found in archaeological sites in the Middle East, suggesting that they were one of the first legumes to be domesticated. This ancient origin underlines not only the historical importance of lentils in the human diet, but also their role in the development of agriculture and sedentary societies. Their ability to grow in difficult conditions and their nutritious nature have made lentils a staple food in many cultures throughout history.

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Onano PGI lentils: A fusion of tradition and territory

The Onano PGI lentil is a true symbol of the fusion of tradition and territory to create gastronomic excellence. The history of this legume goes back centuries and is deeply rooted in the ancient agricultural tradition of Onano, a picturesque village in the province of Viterbo, in the heart of Lazio. Here, the climate and fertility of the soil provide an ideal environment for growing this prized lentil, which is protected and enhanced by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). Local farmers pay close attention to every stage of the production process, from sowing to harvesting, to ensure the highest quality and authenticity of the final product. Thanks to this dedication and respect for tradition, Onano PGI lentils have earned a place of honour in regional and national cuisine, becoming a key ingredient in traditional recipes and a true culinary gem to be discovered and appreciated.

The best combinations with Onano lentils

The Onano PGI lentil is a versatile ingredient that lends itself to a wide range of culinary combinations. Thanks to its strong flavour and slightly creamy texture, it offers a wide range of possibilities in the kitchen. It can be used as a base for soups and stews, enriching the dish with its smooth texture and distinctive flavour. In addition, Onano lentils combine perfectly with meat-based ingredients such as bacon, sausage or guanciale, creating a unique and tasty blend of flavours. Not forgetting vegetarian pairings, such as green leafy vegetables or fresh cheeses, which further enhance the flavour of the lentils. Thanks to its nutritional properties and delicious taste, Onano PGI lentils are a valuable ingredient in Italian cuisine, capable of enriching any dish with their authenticity and versatility.

What does PGI mean?

The PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) is an important certification that guarantees the origin and quality of a product. In the case of Onano lentils, the PGI certifies that the lentils are grown exclusively in the Onano area, in the province of Viterbo, Lazio. This designation gives the product a unique and authentic identity, guaranteeing that it is produced according to traditional methods and meets strict quality standards. The Onano PGI lentil is therefore a product of excellence that carries the history and tradition of an area and offers the consumer the guarantee of a genuine and high quality product.