DLC.0045.0150 DLC.0045.0150
Easter Egg "Note di Sale" White Chocolate with Almonds and Salt_150 g_2
  • Easter Egg "Note di Sale" White Chocolate with Almonds and Salt_150 g_2
  • Easter Egg "Note di Sale" White Chocolate with Almonds and Salt_150 g_1

"Salt Notes" Easter Egg with White Chocolate with Almonds and Salt • Small size

Net weight: 150 g - 5,3 oz




Easter Egg with unique and inimitable flavour with White Chocolate, high quality almonds and whole sea salt grains, 150 g format.

Packaging size: cm 14,8 x 10,7 x h16

COD: DLC.0045.0150
EAN: 8032680008252
Nutritional values
Average values ​​for 100 gr
Energy value
2477 kJ - 595 kcal
40,9 g
of which saturated
16,40 g
50,73 g
of which sugars
40 g
5,97 g
1 g
0,23 g

White Chocolate Min. cocoa 32% (cocoa butter, sugar, WHOLE MILK POWDER, emulsifier (SOY LECITHIN), natural vanilla extract; salted ALMONDS 12% (ALMONDS, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil). May contain traces of TREE NUTS, MILK, EGGS, and PEANUTS.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

The Inimitable Combination: White Chocolate, Almond, and Salt

In the culinary world, few combinations surprise and delight the palate as much as the meeting of white chocolate, almond, and salt. This combination of sweetness, crunchiness, and a hint of saltiness has captured the hearts of sweet lovers worldwide, creating an unparalleled sensory experience.

The rich and velvety flavor of white chocolate provides a sweet and creamy base that complements the other ingredients perfectly. Almonds add a crunchy texture and toasted taste, creating a contrast that complements the flavours. Salt balances the sweetness of the chocolate and adds a fresh note.

This combination is not only a delight for the palate but also a journey through diverse cultures and traditions. From ancient Mediterranean civilizations, who first discovered the power of almonds, to modern chocolate-making techniques that have perfected the production of white chocolate, and the innovative use of salt as a complement to sweets, this blend is a testament to our constant search for unique and memorable flavours.

The harmony between white chocolate, almonds, and salt is more than just a simple pairing; it's an expression of creativity and culinary craftsmanship. When you next taste this combination of flavours, remember that you are not just enjoying a delicious treat, but also a piece of culinary history that is constantly evolving and surprising.

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