VBA.0020.0750 VBA.0020.0750

Craft Beer "Doppio Senso" Tripel Style • Large Bottle

750 ml - 25.36 fl.oz Bottle

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Craft beer in 75 cl bottle, Tripel style, unfiltered, unpasteurised and bottle-fermented

Alcohol content 8.5% alc. vol. degree plato 18 IBU 30

Malts: Pils Hops: Warrior, Saaz

COD: VBA.0020.0750
EAN: 2000000000855

Water, BARLEY malt, candied sugar, hops, yeast

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Unlike bottom-fermented beers, Tripel beers are the result of a high-temperature fermentation process. Tripel is typically golden yellow in colour, has a robust body and an alcohol content of between 8% and 12%. Tripels are usually brewed with aromatic hops, which give the beer a fruity and floral aroma.

The history of Tripel beer: a journey into the tradition of craftsmanship

The history of Tripel beer is a fascinating journey into craft tradition. This beer style originated in Belgium, where it has ancient roots dating back to the 18th century. Tripel was created by Trappist monks who, thanks to their brewing skills, developed a unique recipe that has stood the test of time. This beer has an intense golden colour and a persistent head. Its flavour is complex, with fruity and spicy notes that develop thanks to the use of special yeasts during fermentation. Tripel is a strong beer with an alcohol content of up to 9-10%. Today, many craft breweries around the world have adopted this Belgian tradition and produce their own version of Tripel, adding a personal touch to the historic heritage of this beer.

Making Tripel: from ingredient selection to maturation

The production of Tripel beer is a process that requires great care and attention, from the selection of the ingredients to the final refinement. To begin with, quality ingredients are essential for a quality beer. Careful selection of malts and hops is essential to give the beer its characteristic fruity and spicy flavour. In addition, the use of special yeasts during fermentation contributes to the complexity of the Tripel's flavour. Once the ingredients have been carefully selected, the brewing process can begin. The malts are mixed and the hops are added according to a traditional recipe that varies from brewery to brewery. After fermentation, the beer is matured to allow the flavours to fully develop. This can last from a few weeks to several months, depending on the brewer's preference. During maturation, the Tripel beer acquires its complexity and characteristic persistent head. At the end of this meticulous process, we have a 'Double Sense' triple-style craft beer, which represents the historical heritage of this Belgian beer, enriched with the personal touch of the brewery.

Tripel beer and food: discover the perfect dishes to enjoy with it

Tripel beer, with its complex and rich character, offers a wide range of food pairings that enhance its unique flavours. Thanks to its high alcohol content and aromatic profile, Tripel is the perfect accompaniment to rich and savoury dishes. For example, its sweet and fruity note harmonises beautifully with mature cheeses and charcuterie with character, creating a balance between creaminess and intense flavour. Tripel can also be the ideal companion for fish dishes, such as fish soup or shellfish, as its full-bodied character and bitterish aftertaste go well with marine flavours. Finally, Tripel can be enjoyed with chocolate or ripe fruit desserts, where its complexity and sweetness complement each other perfectly. In conclusion, Tripel offers a wide range of food pairings to enhance its complexity and create unique tasting experiences.