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Laxa' Organic Laxative Herbal Tea

Net weight: 100 g - 3,5 oz



Enjoy the tranquility and the benefits of nature with our 100% organic herbal tea, made in Italy, based on artichoke, fennel, and anise, ideal for promoting intestinal regularity. A symphony of intense and enveloping flavor enriched with mallow. These plants, renowned for promoting digestion and reducing intestinal gas, come together in a deliciously beneficial blend. It is recommended to take the tea in the evening after dinner or in the morning before breakfast.

Instructions for Use: Pour one tablespoon (3 g) of tea into approximately 250 ml of cold water, simmer for 3 minutes, then let it steep for another 10 minutes, and then strain. Cover to prevent the loss of volatile substances. You can sweeten to taste with raw cane sugar or honey. Consume the tea preferably in the evening after dinner before going to bed and in the morning before breakfast.

Average Contents Maximum dose.gg (6g)
Mallow Leaves and Flowers 1,38 g
Artichoke Leaves 0,42 g
Green Anise Fruits 0,72 g
Liquorice Root 2,1 g
Fennel Fruits 1,38 g
COD: TSN.0001.0100
EAN: 8052570772247

Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) root*; Mallow (Malva sylvestriss L.) flowers and leaves"; Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) fruit"; Green Anise (Pimpinella anisum L.) fruit*; Artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) leaves".

Ingredients from organic farming.

Tips and curiosities of the tomolo

Anise, known for its sweet and aromatic flavor, has been used since ancient times not only in cooking but also to flavor spirits like the famous French Pastis and Greek Ouzo. Additionally, anise seeds are a key ingredient in traditional sweets of many cultures, such as the German Christmas cookies called "Anisplätzchen".

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Enjoy the Tranquility with the 100% Organic Herbal Tea Made in Italy

Discover the pleasure of relaxing and regaining your well-being with our 100% organic herbal tea made in Italy. This delicious blend is expertly prepared with artichoke, fennel, and anise, plants known for their beneficial properties. Ideal for promoting intestinal regularity, our herbal tea is a true symphony of intense and enveloping flavor, enriched with mallow.

A Beneficial Blend for Your Well-being

The artichoke is known for its purifying and digestive qualities, while the fennel is famous for its ability to reduce bloating and intestinal gas. The anise, with its sweet and aromatic flavor, not only adds a touch of pleasure but also contributes to digestive well-being. The mallow finally completes this combination with its soothing properties.

A Daily Ritual of Well-being

Our herbal tea is designed to be a moment of pure relaxation in your day. It is recommended to take it in the evening after dinner or in the morning before breakfast. This way, you can fully enjoy its benefits, helping your body to maintain intestinal regularity and improving your digestion