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"Turrada" Sardinian Semolina Fregula

Sardo Sole
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Roasted Durum Wheat Sardinian Fregula "Turrada", a typical Sardinian pasta made with durum wheat from the Middle Campidano region, small balls of pasta similar to the Middle Eastern cous cous, for this similarity it is called Italian cous cous or Sardinian cous cous.

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Durum Wheat Semolina

Contains gluten

Consigli e curiosità del tomolo

Fregula is 'turrada' when it is toasted, 'turrai' indeed means toast, 'turradura' means to roast and so 'turrapani' is the toaster.

The toasting not only speeds up the drying process, but also gives the Fregula its distinctive flavour.

Potrebbe interessarti

Fregula Sarda, like pasta crumbs

Loved for its versatility, Sardinian fregula is light and its rough, porous crumbs are ideal for absorbing spices.

It is also an excellent substitute for rice, spelt and quinoa in hot and cold first courses and fresh summer salads.

How to cook Fregula

Fregula leaves a lot of room for fantasy when it comes to cooking methods:

  • Boiled, drained and simply seasoned, like pasta;
  • Simmered: boil a quantity of water equal to twice the quantity of Fregula, when it comes to the boil, add salt and the Fregula, cook for 15 minutes, stirring until it is absorbed. Taste the fregula, which should remain al dente;
  • Serve as risotto. It is cooked directly in the sauce or with the seasoning of your choice. Fry the fregula in a pan for 1 minute, stirring constantly, then add a little water and salt or fish stock until cooked. 

Traditionally perfect with seafood and fish, it can also be used in vegetable soups or simply with tomato sauce.

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